Give Local Giveaway for June

What is Give Local?

At Printmob we love being part of the community. We try and do as much as possible to support our community by providing products discounted or free of charge – it’s a way for us to say ‘thank you’ for the support that the community gives us.

Over the years we’ve donated thousands of pounds of products – banners, printing, flyers and hundreds of hours of time.

Each month we’re going to be offering something totally free of charge to a community group, school or nursery in Garstang or the immediate surrounding area. This could be a banner, posters, flyers, hi visibility vests – each month it will be something different.

What is it this month?

For June we’re giving away 1,000 double sided A6 flyers. Perfect to promote your community group!

How to nominate

E-mail with your nomination and the reason for nominating. Please include contact details. All nominations must be in by 20th June. Nominations are only open to community groups, schools, pre-schools or any other non-for-profit organisations.

What happens next?

Once the deadline is reached, we will look through all of the nominations and will pick a winner! We will notify the winner publicly via our Facebook and via e-mail.