New website for Creative Iron

We have done loads of bits and bobs for Creative Iron over the past year or so and we’re really chuffed to be entrusted with such an important part of their business.

For years they have been suffering with an under-performing website. Never really reached it’s potential in search engine performance and was let down with clunky and confusing navigation. So we stepped in.

Powered by WordPress, our weapon of choice for websites, their new website is now easy to navigate and even easier for the peeps at Creative Iron to keep it up to date. They have full control over all of the content of the website and can easily post new blog posts quickly and easily.

And, as we’re graduates from the school of ‘Keep it simple’, we also integrated their Instagram feed for use as the sites main Gallery page. This is automatically updated and requires no interaction on their part at all.

Go take a look at the new website at