Printmob to sponsor Your Garstang

For many years the Facebook Group Your Garstang has grown from a useful tool to keep track of local issues and developments to what it is now – an early warning system for dog poo, pictures of bad parking and the usual suspects moaning constantly about everything.

The latter of these points sits perfectly with our business ethos and so to support the work of a sole, often abused administrator, we’ve agreed to sponsor Your Garstang so the administration can be completed in a non EU based call centre.

The changes came into effect at 12:01 this morning.

A spokesperson for Your Garstang said ‘Yeah, it’s bloomin’ marvelous. I don’t have to put up with the constant moaning anymore. You just know as soon as you get up in the morning you’re having to deal with moaners. Moaners that have reported posts about people morning and then moaning that you haven’t removed the moaning post overnight while you’re sleeping. This sponsorship fixes that problem. 24 hour administration.’

Luke, director at Printmob said ‘We’ve been a fan of Your Garstang since it’s inception. The constant moaning is amazing entertainment and we just love the early warning system for dog poo. This is a perfect way for us to be involved in our wonderful community.’

Fashion photo created by kues