The Kids Design a T-shirt Event

The first event from our new premises, the Kids Design a T-shirt event will be happening over 3 days from the 30th October.

What is it all about?

We love creativity here at Printmob. Our head honcho used to paint t-shirts as a kid and now he prints them for his job. Art and design plays a huge part in what we do and we love to see the creativity of children. So, the Design a T-shirt event is just that. Bring your kids along to our shop on any of the 3 days the event is on and they can create their own t-shirt design. We’ll provided the paper, the pens, the crayons, the pencils – anything your child wants to get creative. We then take that artwork, scan it in and print the artwork straight onto a t-shirt.

It really is as easy as that.

How much does it cost?

It’s just ¬£10. There are no extras to pay. That is it!

When does it take place?

You can come along to our shop on Bridge Street in Garstang on either the 30th October, 31st October or the 1st November. The event will take place between 10am and 3pm. The time it will take to produce the t-shirt will vary but t-shirts will all be ready the same day.

Do I need to book?

No, just come along at any time.

So that’s it! We look forward to welcoming to our shop!