We’ve finished our refit!

It took about a week, but the refit is now complete! The only thing that hasn’t changed is the counter – everything else has either been painting, stuck to, hung from or moved!

After moving in to our premises in 2016, we got everything in and plugged in quickly so we could get back up and running. I always knew that the shop would need to be finished at some point to make the flow and work-space more efficient. So, as a result, earlier this month we closed for a week while we made the changes. We’ve built walls, we’ve built new workbenches, we’ve build new functional shelving for vinyl and paper storage, we’ve relocated the printers (all of them!) and we’ve had a general good sort out.

I think the biggest undertaking was our new floor! Snazzy, huh!?

See for yourself… the photo below was taken the day we re-opened. Its actually more finished than this now!