Yes, we do have funky lights!

This is something we hear ALL THE TIME… and yes, we are very proud of it!

Way back in the day we used to do A LOT of screen printing. Absolutely ruddy love screen printing! Whenever we get the chance we still like to have a bit of a dabble. Anyway! While screen printing, rather than just re-using the frames I always kept hold of everything. You never know when a customer may want something re-printing! So over the years we had picked up quite a stock pile of old screens.

We had a look through our storage and found some that we’re about 7 years old and figured it was time for them to go. Around the same time we moved to our new shop. In our shop we had strip lights. Vile, horrible things. The one good thing about strip lights is that they’re bright. The bad thing – they’re REALLY ugly. Rather than just changing the light fittings in our new shop I wanted to create something a little bit more ‘in keeping’ with our line of business. This is what led me to thing of ways of covering them. Then, like one of those lightbulb moments (no pun intentended) I realised that we could re-use our old screens. A bit of upcycling. Love upcycling too!

So the new light shades were born. Each strip light is covered by 3 screens of varying size. Some screens are in really poor condition – some even have holes in them but I think this really adds to the charm. It defuses the light superbly and gets rid of the horrid strip lights!

Take a look for yourself…